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 Lastest MemoMeeting with the president of Chinese Buddhist Association Chuanyin

Lastest  MemoMeeting with the pre

Lastest MemoMeeting with the president of Chinese Buddhist Associatio
Lastest  MemoMeeting with the president of Chinese Buddhist Association&n

exchanging gifts with Japanese Engaku-ji and Rinzai Yuanjue Temples

Sui Xiang Ningbo seven pagodas abbot monk can visit Japan
In Japan Yuanjue Temple and Temple of the Rinzai school Yuanjue considerable vertical tube big into elders when exchan

Vice president of the Buddhist Association of China, Shaolin Temple ab
Ningbo Oriental Art Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhao Ling Master Shi Yongxin after talks with photo

Ningboninghai a vocational high school will "lacquer lacquered" into t
           June 2011 "lacquer lacquered" item in the national voca

County leaders met with Sun Media Group Chairman Yang Lan
  County party secretary Wang Jian Hou Yang Lan line to extend a warm welcome to the Yang Lan line introdu


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